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Close With Confidence

Purchasing your home is a great investment. The closing is one of the most important parts of the process. This is when you legally commit to your mortgage loan.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with the purchase of your new home and your funding options are in place, your real estate agent and lender will work with a Partners Title closing executive. Your closer(s) will work with all parties to gather all  the legal documents, close the loan, issue title insurance policies, and handle all the money associated with your purchase.

What to Bring To Closing

  • Government issued picture identification and another form of ID (drivers license, passport, work ID, health insurance card, etc.)

  • Social security number.

  • Your spouse’s presence may be required even though he or she may not have been a party to a loan qualification. Confirm his or her attendance with your loan officer.

  • Partners Title does NOT require buyer funds to be wired.

  • Personal checkbook for any last minute changes - personal checks up to $500.00 will be accepted.

  • Cashier’s checks MUST be made out to Partners Title, LLC. 

  • Government issued picture identification.

  • Social security number.

  • If married, both  spouses are required to be at closing.

  • Keys and/or garage door transmitter(s), if any.

  • Reminder to contact city for final water reading, if applicable.

Avoid Wire Fraud

This short video covers what consumers can do to protect their money from wire fraud.

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